Fall brings pumpkin spice everything, sweater weather (in the mornings and evenings at least), and let’s not forget all the spooky Halloween decorations and THE CANDY. However, most importantly fall brings the end of summer, aka the end of mowing the lawn every few days because if you don’t you will lose your dog in your backyard jungle.

So before you bust out the cinnamon to make your famous pumpkin roll there are a few things you need to take care of before Santa comes to town.

Properly Store Yard Equipment

As we mentioned before one of the best parts about fall (and winter) is mowing the lawn is not something you have to worry about nearly as often. However, when spring rolls around it’s going to be less than pleasant if you don’t prep your mower now. Gasoline reacts with the air in the tank if left too long, enough to cause oxidation which creates small deposits that affect the performance of your mower.

However, it’s not just gas-powered equipment that needs love this fall. We also recommend running pressurized air through your pressure washers to remove any remaining water in the system, which will prevent freeze damage to the pumping mechanisms. We know it doesn’t freeze that often in Florida but it happens enough that you will want to take care of your tools.

Protect Your Pipes

Again, even though we don’t live in a constant icebox like our friends up north, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get cold down here. So when the temps hit freezing, unprotected pipes can burst from exposure. You can guard against this by wrapping your pipes with foam insulation, closing foundation vents, and opening cabinet doors under sinks to allow warm air to flow around supply lines.

Clear Out Your Crawl Space

While you’re winterizing your pipes, peek around your crawl space. Is your HVAC system blocked by boxes of 50-year-old Mason jars? Can you get to any leaking pipes quickly? While it’s still warm, clear out any debris from your crawl space to ensure clear passage when winter’s worst happens.

Close Your Crawl Space Vents

During your crawl space expedition, this is a must-do: Close the vents that circle your home’s perimeter. Here’s why: in warm, wet seasons, crawl space vents allow airflow, which prevents moisture buildup. But if you leave them open during cold, dry weather, that chilly air will cool down your floorboards, making them uncomfortable.

Kick-Start Your Composting

There is no time like the present! You don’t even need a fancy compost spinner; sectioning off a corner of your yard is enough. Put all your yard waste to work by piling green leaves and clippings into a pile near your garden. Then layer with brown materials such as soil, dead leaves, and coffee grounds.

Protect Your Trees

Not all species of trees are winter-hardy, especially thin-barked ones like beech, aspens, or cherry trees. For these varietals, sun-warmed sap quickly freezes at night and causes the bark to split. We don’t have many of these types of trees in Florida but if you do it’s a good idea to wrap the trunks with paper tree wrap. Covering the entire bark from an inch above the soil to the lowest branches.